Astro Gene

Create a video for use at an exhibition for a small cambridge company. the product is a ground breaking scientific instrument with a unique selling point.

Case Study 2

We worked closely with the client to understand exactly how the video was going to be used. We decided that no voice over was required enabling the sales reps to talk to the clients while the video was playing. The video pace was slow to allow for the interaction while the video played out. The device won the prestigious bronze medal for most innovative product at the show.
We also worked with the company to create several video to optimise the shooting day and provide as much value to them as possible.

The video proved its worth many times in succinctly showing exactly how
AstraGene works and highlighting the key USPs and I’m sure it played a part
in helping us get the Bronze award. Many thanks for your hard work and
hitting what was a tight deadline with exactly the right end-product.

Ray Wood, AstraNetSystems Business Development Manager


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