Viral Video – the myth

On May 9, 2011, in Advice, by JG

Just adding video to your web site will improve your connection with your visitors. If you are selling a service or a product people will be more engaged with you if they can see or hear you or the product or even both. But it actually isn’t an issue if your video doesn’t go viral, truth is it wont. Of the video’s designed to go viral about 1 in a million do, most viral videos come out of the blue, who would have though a young child of his head on gas and air after a visit to the dentist would get 200m views and counting? The father and son tea no run a business making personal appearances. Your video isn’t going to do that. Your video should explain to your customers why you are the best. If you work at your traffic and 3 times more people visiting your site do something positive because of the video your job is done. If 10 new people visit your site a day and just 1 pick up the phone, writes and email or buys imagine the difference to your business if 3 people do that because you Just add video! So go on give us a call, we’ll help you get the right video onto your site.

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We spent today shooting Landing Page Videos. These are key to any video strategy on a web site. You have to be bold, the videos can’t be hidden away. We once called a well known supplier of household goods, we said they should have video on their site. We were deeply embarrassed when the reply was a curt, “our site has video for 40% of our products.” We thought at the time we were going mad! After an hour we finally found the video – believe me, we know video on the web if it took us that long, the video is well hidden. It is pointless to make the investment in video if you don’t put it in a place it can be found. You have to know where the entry points are on your site that your visitors find first. The video you place at these entry points must engage the customer, build trust and keep them hooked!

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