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A Simple Video to highlight one dining room table and cross sell a range of products

Case Study

This Video is really simple and combines footage of the product with graphics of the range to cross sell the products. Shot against white the video is clean and simple. The video has to become a virtual show room to show a potential buyer all the selling points. The quality of the table extension is portrayed using stop frame animation of the product. Close ups of the wood show the quality of the grain. The Music is properly licensed and the voice over artist carefully chosen. The video is made with an audience in mind. The age and demographic of the potential purchaser and the perception of the brand. If the video is too expensive a purchaser could be put off straight away, if the brand looks too cheap the purchaser may make a judgement about the quality. We have less than 10 seconds to create the right atmosphere for a sale, if we get the viewer over that hump, conversion is 70% more likely.
A video like this could increase conversion by over 300%, if 1 person in 100 is buying imagine if 3 people per one hundred bought and what that could do for your business.


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